Southerly Flower Farm is nestled in the mountains of East Tennessee. It is owned an operated by husband and wife Matthew and Sarah Ervin - along with their 3 cats. After inheriting a humble piece of land and quaint cabin, they moved away from the city and began hibernating in the country. The land surrounding their home remained idle. It wasn't until much discussion and deliberation that they decided to put their hands, heart, and land to use by cultivating and harvesting flowers. Sarah grew up around her grandparent's farm and in the back of her mind, knew she always wanted to farm. This combined their love for the creative side with their deep respect for farming.


The Farm

Most flowers in the USA are grown abroad in warm climates where weather remains predictable. However, worker standards, heavy chemical use, and shipping's environmental footprint are just a few issues within this model. Southerly Flower Farm wishes to decrease the dependence on imported flowers and strengthen the landscape of locally grown commerce, therefore strengthening the local economy and shedding light on the wonderful quality of American-grown flowers. 

Their mission is to introduce specialty cut flowers and floral varieties to break the trend of the ordinary.. They long to join other local farms and makers in a mission to reawaken the landscape of local values and reinforce community. Join the movement with us ... #fieldtovase & #southerlyflowerfarm