What is a CSA?


CSA stands for "Community Supported Agriculture". Much like a vegetable farm, you will receive a direct reflection of what is growing in our field each week. Our bounty: FLOWERS!

It is our hope to connect with our customers and provide our seasonal flowers in a convenient way to you. That is why we have partnered with businesses in various areas of Chattanooga. Grab a juice at Southern Sqweeze each Tuesday on your way home, or get your coffee fix on your lunch break at +Coffee when you pick up your flowers. We know you are busy, so we want to make it easier to uplift your spirits and brighten your home.

By purchasing a Flower CSA, you become a member of the community that has decided to support our farm. This up-front investment is vital to our planning process and will help our farm prepare for the upcoming season by enabling us to purchase seed, supplies, and items necessary for winter and early spring.

Members receive a hand-tied, wrapped bouquet each week that you will see change with the season. Your flowers will lighten up any space, be it in your home or office. Since our flowers are harvested the day before you receive them and are not shipped in boxes for days, you are guaranteed to receive a fresh-from-the-field bouquet. You will also gain the satisfaction of being able to invest in a local, sustainably-minded, small-scale operation, where our goal is to nourish the land we grown on.

To purchase a Flower CSA or view our options. please visit the CSA store here.

Why are local flowers important?